Mother And Daughter Duo Release Another Children’s Book

Mother And Daughter Duo Release Another Children’s Book

Elissy’s World: A Turkish Delight,

is the latest children’s book release from author, Claudia Myrie. The main character, Elissy, finds herself helping the people of Turkey look for the Turkish Delights that are the centerpiece for the Mevlana Whirling Dervishes Festival. Without the sweet treats, the festival will have to be cancelled. Elissy can’t let that happen, so she goes all over town determined to help find hidden letters that represent unique aspects of Turkey. She successfully completes her mission, causing the missing Turkish Delights to return. The festival is saved!

The book is the fourth in a collection of stories about Elissy’s adventures. Myrie created the stories from her desire to honor her daughter, Annelise, and to encourage her and others, to embrace the differences they see in mankind. Those differences should not divide, but instead, encourage readers to celebrate others and what everyone brings to the table through their unique attributes. Annelise co-wrote Elissy’s World: A Turkish Delight. Children will also learn about helping others through Elissy’s adventure with the Turkish Delights.

The overall theme of the Elissy stories is overcoming bias against others because of perceived notions about them due to their skin color and other physical attributes. The books encourage readers to celebrate each person’s uniqueness and that cooperation is the key to working out problems. The story settings in different countries help to highlight the people of other nations, celebrating their customs, native dress, appearance, and food.

Other books in the Elissy collection include Elissy’s World: An Encounter with Big Ben, Elissy’s World: Same but Different, written by Rachael Price and Annelise Myrie, and Elissy Goes to Ghana (Elissy’s World), co-written by Ansie Ehrke.

Claudia Myrie’s interests include child development and learning. She also describes herself as an activist and entrepreneur.  In the wake of the earthquake in Turkey, she is donating 10% of each book sale to charity to help with the rebuilding efforts.

Myrie is available for interviews via the contact information listed below.


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