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About us

Elissy was created by a 5 year old girl .

Elissy was created by a 5 year old girl who wanted to share her love for travelling and learning about different countries through adventure!

Elissy is a young writer who shares her stories through a perspective of a young child.

Elissy’s World follows Elissy on her creative journey but what’s most inspiring is her big heart.

Elissy wants to use her voice as a platform to bring the world to those that have never had the chance to
See the world from a different perspective and to change the parts she can!

Join Elissy on her adventures.

Elissy’s World is a business that writes children’s books and audiobooks that teaches the celebration of differences by learning about the world. Elissy’s world doesn’t only offer books but, aims to create animation from the books, offer a community that helps parents in encouraging their children’s attributes through tips, games and resources through their YouTube channel, provide child related digital prints and finally provide courses on how to write your own book from both adults and children’s perspectives. The company believes that teaching children about diversity is essential to fostering their understanding and acceptance of differences in the world. By embracing diversity, children can learn to appreciate the uniqueness of individuals and celebrate the richness of cultural traditions.

When it comes to helping parents encourage a holistic child, it’s important to recognize that every child is unique and has their set of strengths and weaknesses. Parents need to take the time to understand their child and push past their challenges to promote their well-being. 

“Explore the world, embrace diversity, and empower the holistic child.” This slogan emphasizes the importance of exposing children to different cultures, encouraging them to accept and celebrate diversity, and helping them develop a strong sense of self by overcoming their challenges. 

By teaching children about the world, including its diversity and complexities, and empowering them to become holistic individuals, we can help shape future generations to be more accepting, understanding, and compassionate.

Elissy’s World - A Turkish Delight

Elissy’s World - Ireland Adventure

Welcome to Elissy World

We're looking for animators

Elissy is currently looking for any animators that would love to work with us to create series based around the collection of books. 



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